GPT TED talk is mind blowing

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Greg Brokman, President & Co-Founder at OpenAI, just did a Ted-Talk on the latest GPT4 model which included browsing capabilities, file inspection, image generation and app integrations through Zappier this blew my mind! But apart from that the closing quote he said goes as follows: “And so we all have to become literate. And that’s honestly one of the reasons we released GPT. Together, I believe that we can achieve the OpenAI mission of ensuring that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity.”

This means that OpenAI confirms that Agi is quite possible and they are actively working on it, this will change the lives of millions of people in such a drastic way that I have no idea if I should be fearful or hopeful of the future of humanity… What are your thoughts on the progress made in the field of AI in less than a year?

The Inside Story of GPT’s Astonishing Potential | Greg Brockman | TED

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