Tyndall Effect,一位美丽的 – Midjourney Prompt

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Midjourney Prompt

tyndall effect, a beautiful super model young lady lies underwater in front of pale pink roses ,sunbeams in the style of atmospheric seascapes, samyang af 14mm f/2.8 rf, album covers, xiaofei yue, high quality photo, coastal scenery, solarization effect

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Midjourney Prompt 翻译

Tyndall Effect,一位美丽的超模少女躺在水下的淡粉色玫瑰前,阳光在大气海景的风格下,三阳af 14 mm f/2.8 RF,相册封面,小飞跃,高质量照片,海岸风光,日晒效果

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Tyndall Effect,一位美丽的 - Midjourney Prompt
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